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Introducing Unite 5

In our first significant update since 2020, Unite 5 transforms the way you use the web, enabling you to customize apps with a variety of new modes and laying the foundation for a customizable web.

Last updated: September 19, 2023

We’ve long believed that the web has become the world’s premier operating system and that many of the sites built on the web are the most important and powerful applications in the world. Unite was born from this understanding, aiming to bring these web apps into harmony with native Mac apps, thereby boosting productivity and creating a seamless blend between the web and macOS.

In 2021 - we began pondering an enhanced version of this vision. What if Unite could not only personalize apps but also the very fabric of the web itself?

With Unite 5, we're laying the groundwork for a new era of web usability and customization. The cornerstone of this groundbreaking release is a fully redesigned Unite browser, setting the stage for an even more immersive and personalized web experience. This isn't just about turning websites into stand-alone apps; we've also incorporated advanced features like intricate link-forwarding rules to give you unparalleled control over your web interactions.

Our revamped tool simplifies the creation and modification of these apps, making it easier than ever to integrate the web into your Mac environment. And while we're incredibly excited about what Unite 5 offers today, this release also lays the foundation for incredible new features we're planning for the very near future.

Unite 5 isn't just about a more powerful browser or additional app features; it's about redefining the way we interact with the web on a Mac. This is the beginning of a new journey to revolutionize the open web and the experiences that power it. We can't wait for you to be a part of this vision, both now and in the exciting developments to come!

Unite 5 - Creating an App
Unite 5's redesigned interface makes it easier than ever to create a Unite app, and introduces the ability to edit previously apps.

Simplified App Creation. Unite 5 introduces a redesigned app creation tool that simplifies the entire process. Customize your app's settings, choose the perfect icon, and get a live preview before you finalize. This makes it easier than ever to bring your favorite web experiences to your macOS desktop.​

Multi-tab functionality. Unite apps now support multiple tabs, allowing you to manage various websites or services in a single, isolated, unified application. This opens up new possibilities for multitasking and workflow efficiency, reducing the need to switch between different apps or browser windows.

Unite 5 - Suggestion Library.png
The suggestion library features dozens of the most popular Unite use cases.

Curated Suggestions. Our new Suggestion Library curates popular Unite use-cases, categorized into social media, storage, messaging, and more. Featured apps like ChatGPT and Discord are optimized with settings specifically tuned for those services, making it incredibly easy to turn them into standalone Unite apps.

Unite 5 - App Library.png
The App Library adds the ability to easily locate apps and edit them after they've already been made.

Manage apps with the App Library. The App Library is a game-changer. For the first time, you can view, manage, and edit all your Unite apps from one centralized location. This streamlines your ability to organize your suite of web apps, similar to how you manage native apps on your Mac.

Unite 5 - Search.png
Instant Search makes it easier to find and create Unite apps.

Instant Search. Instantly find apps from the suggestion library, your personal library, or even start creating a new app based on a query. This feature fast-tracks your ability to add new apps or switch between existing ones, making Unite an integral part of your Mac workflow.

Unite 5 - Standard Example (Outlook).png
Unite apps are powered by the tailor-made Unite browser, which is more feature-rich, fast, and powerful than ever.

Unite Browser 5. Experience dramatic stability improvements and enhancements with our new Unite Browser. Optimized for performance, it sets the stage for an immersive and reliable web experience,  while simultaneously laying the foundation for future features.

Enhanced Notifications. Notifications are now more reliable and fully support macOS Focus modes. You can specify which notifications you'd like to receive based on your current activity, ensuring that you're not disturbed when focusing on tasks that require concentration.

Unite 5 - Sidebar Example (Designer).png
Sidebar introduces a new way to work in Unite apps.

Sidebar Mode for Multitasking. The new Sidebar mode is designed for multitasking professionals, offering a new way to use Unite apps. Keep tabs on multiple sites or services without having to switch apps or windows, making multitasking smoother than ever.

Unite 5 - Tabbed Example (Todoist).png
For those that prefer a more traditional way of working, the toolbar remains and has been redesigned to flow seamlessly with your work.

Redesigned Toolbar.  The new toolbar in Unite 5 appears only when you need it, integrating seamlessly into your content. This adaptive interface declutters your workspace, enabling a more focused browsing experience.

Unite 5 - App Settings.png
The new App Settings page simultaneously makes it easier to customize your apps while adding more functionality.

Intuitive Settings.  Our completely redesigned settings page offers an intuitive interface for customizing your Unite apps. Each setting is clearly labeled and explained, allowing for a personalized experience without the complexity.

Title bar personalization.  Gain unprecedented control over your Unite app's window title
bar. Choose to display or hide macOS window control buttons, show the tab name as the window title, or even conceal Unite's native controls for a sleeker look.

A better password manager.  With improved encryption and a a new intuitive management interface, safeguarding your credentials has never been easier or more secure.

In-app defaults control.  Unite 5 allows you to modify app settings like name, default URLs, and icons directly from within the app itself. 

Custom user agents.  Customize how websites see your Unite apps with our new Custom User Agents feature. Whether for compatibility or testing, easily switch user agents to optimize your web browsing.

Change your default search engine. With Unite 5, you can easily change your default search engine right within the app, giving you the freedom to search the web your way.

Unite 5 - Link Forwarding.png
Link Forwarding replaces Intelligent Whitelisting, bringing industry leading link rules.

Link Forwarding.  Link Forwarding replaces intelligent whitelisting with incredible granularity, allowing you to set custom rules for any URL and forward it to any other Unite app or browser. Additionally, you can now right-click on any link in any Unite app to send it to any other Unite app.

Unite 5 - Menu Bar Example (Fidelity).png
Menu bar apps now support shortcuts and contain all the features you'd expect from a Unite app.

Menu bar apps.  Menu bar apps have been entirely rewritten and now have feature parity with regular Unite apps. This update brings unparalleled reliability to menu bar apps, allowing them to serve as robust utility tools that are always just a click away. Additionally, you can now run a menu bar window and a normal window from the same Unite app.

Unite 5 - Bookmarks.png
Bookmarks have a new interface, sync across apps, and can be imported and exported.

Revamped Bookmarks.  Managing your favorite sites is now easier and more reliable with Unite 5's revamped Bookmarks. Enhanced stability and new import/export capabilities make it effortless to keep your bookmarks organized and accessible across different Unite apps.

Unite 5 - Compact Example (X).png
Compact apps are a simply way to create easily glanceable web apps.

Compact apps get redefined.  Compact apps in Unite 5 are designed with "compact behavior" in mind, floating, entering mobile mode, and hiding all window chrome by default on your desktop. This makes it incredibly easy to turn any website into a glanceable, interactive widget that complements your workflow.

Unite 5 - Shortcuts.png
Shortcuts are infinitely customizable.

Super Shortcuts.  Newly introduced Shortcuts allow you to set commands for easy rebinds and even switch between different app modes.

Just the beginning.  Unite 5 also includes a range of smaller features, such as custom search engines, enhanced find controls, improved cookie management, and dozens of other small tweaks.

Unite for Teams Preview.png
Unite for Teams enables deployment and management of web apps across orgs.

Teams is almost here.  Coming 2024, Unite for Teams enables groups of any size to share a collection of web apps on macOS with admin controls and additional features.


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