Coherence X

The perfect middle-ground between websites and apps on your Mac

Coherence X is a powerful tool that allows you to turn any websites into a chromium-based, native application on your Mac. 

Say goodbye to Electron and half-baked Catalyst apps...

Turn any website into a Mac app in seconds...

It all starts with picking a name for your app. Next, enter any URL. Coherence X can even grab you an icon. It's that simple.

Standard apps present a traditional, macOS style window.

Tabbed apps feature a traditional browser style window.

Choose a browser

Coherence X is the only tool of it's kind that lets you choose which browser you want powering your app.

Google Chrome

Use the world's most popular and powerful browser for your apps.


A privacy-centric fork of Chrome. Available for the first time in a SSB tool.

Chrome Canary

Be the first to get the latest Chrome features and use them in your apps.

Import extensions and customize your app

Coherence X apps are compatible with most Chrome extensions. Import profiles, set default tabs and system settings, and more.

Bulk create allows you to create multiple apps at once.

Select whether or not macOS views your app as a browser.

Create your app


What's new in Coherence X?

Coherence X builds upon the fundamentals of the world's previous most powerful SSB tool - Coherence Pro 2 - and rebuilds them from the ground up. Here are just some of the major new changes.

Intelligent Whitelisting

Intelligent Whitelisting allows you to send non-primary and selected URLs to your default browser. It can evenly intelligently ignore sub-domain redirects.

Brave Integration

Coherence X is the only SSB tool that allows you to use the Brave browser as a backend. Get all the features of Chrome in a privacy-centric environment.

Edit created apps

For the first time, Coherence X lets you edit and manage previously created apps. Change the name icon, tabs, mode, and much more.

Share apps

You can now easily share apps between licensed users.

Quick Access

Easily view and launch recently used apps.


All Coherence Pro 2 apps can be upgraded to X.

Bulk Create

Easily create multiple apps with the same settings

New design

Coherence X features a new, intuitive design

macOS 10.15

Coherence X is built to run on Catalina, and 10.12 and later.


Coherence X & Unite 4

Coherence and Unite are the most powerful SSB tools available for macOS. We've made a guide to help you figure out which is best for.


Coherence X for macOS

Turn websites into chromium-based apps on your Mac

Supports macOS 10.13 and greater. Built for Catalina & Big Sur. Optimized for Intel.

Every Coherence X standard license can be activated on one machine. For use with all 3.x updates.

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