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Supercharge web apps

Turn any website into a lightweight, customizable, native app on your Mac. 

Unite 5 for macOS

Built for Apple Silicon & Intel | Requires macOS 12 or greater | Designed for macOS 14 Sonoma

🏆 Critically acclaimed

Here are just some of the folks that recommend Unite: 

Turn a site into a Mac app in seconds!

The Unite creation tool guides you to turn any website into a fully customizable macOS application.

A better way to work and browse

Getting started with Unite is simple. Just input a URL, or choose a site from our extensive app library. In just a few clicks, you'll have your very own macOS app, designed by you, for you.

Unite 5 - Creating an App

App modes

Experience the web in new ways with four distinct app modes designed to fit your every need.

Standard Mac apps with a clean, focused interface that live alongside your macOS apps.

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Sidebar mode

A new way to browse in your apps

Unite 5 introduces an innovative sidebar mode, engineered to redefine your workflow. With the ability to easily pin tabs and access essential features, this new mode transforms your daily interactions. Say goodbye to clutter, welcome to clarity.

CleanShot 2023-08-28 at 14.47.53_2x.png

The tools of the web and the power of macOS, without compromise

Unite applications are fully customizable, completely isolated from other app activity, and lightweight. 

Customize to your heart's content

With Unite, you don't need any technical skills to deeply customize your Mac apps. From changing the design to modifying app behavior, Unite empowers you to create unique and personalized apps that cater to your specific needs and preferences.

CleanShot 2023-08-22 at 21.08.06_2x.png

Window Customization

Unleash the full potential of your Unite applications with powerful customization tools.


The Unite Browser

A full browser in every app, without any resource hogging

Unite 5 uses a lightweight, WebKit-powered browser to support modern web features and create Mac-like experiences for any site. Say goodbye to Electron hogs.


Notifications + Focus

Full support for native macOS notifications and Focus modes

Unite 5 brings the full power of native macOS notifications to your created apps, letting you customize your preferences and focus modes for each individual app.

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Link Forwarding

Create an app-like experience with advanced link direction

Unite 5 introduces Link Forwarding, an industry-first feature that allows you to take control of your app's experience by deciding which links should open where when you interact with your app.

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Window Control

Choose to show or hide your app's window title bar and control buttons. Easily make them reappear with a hover.

unite 4.png

Title Control

Unite allows you to choose whether or not to show your app's window or icon in the window bar.


Color Control

Unite intuitively detects the primary color of any website, making it effortless to incorporate the site's branding into your app's design.

CleanShot 2023-08-22 at 21.11.53_2x.png

Everything you need, and much more.

Unite includes hundreds of additional features that'll change the way you use the web.

Floating windows

Enable an app's windows to always remain  visible on top of all others, even when it's not the active application.

CleanShot 2020-12-01 at 20.38.54@2x.png
CleanShot 2020-12-01 at 20.39.20@2x.png

Dark mode

Effortlessly switch modes and transform supported websites to dark, for a comfortable browsing experience anytime.

CleanShot 2020-12-01 at 18.07.13@2x.png

Dock Slices

Enable an app's windows to always remain  visible on top of all others, even when it's not the active application.

macOS Ventura Wallpaper YTECHB.jpg


Seamlessly manage and sync your favorite sites with bookmarks, ensuring quick access to the web destinations you visit most often.

App Library

Manage and edit your Unite apps with ease, all in one centralized App Library

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icon copy 3.png

Super Shortcuts

Extreme new ways to customize your workflow

Unite 5 gives you the freedom to rebind any shortcut within your Unite app, tailoring it precisely to your individual needs. Navigate with newfound agility, as this feature puts you in the driver's seat of your app interactions. Customize any key, and increase your productivity.

And even more!

ad block Unite 5.png

Ad Blocking. Unite 5 empowers your browsing with state-of-the-art ad-blocking technology. Effortlessly navigate the web without distractions, enjoying a clean and focused experience. 

pro tools unite 5.png

Icon Customization. Transform a site's favicon or your custom icon into rounded or circular shapes, harmonizing with the sleek design of your Mac. Unite's intuitive interface allows you to tailor icons to your taste, ensuring a cohesive and personalized look.

Unite 5 user scripts icon.png

User Scripts & Styles. Tailor your favorite sites with custom-written scripts and styles, uniquely crafted within a Unite app. Whether you're optimizing functionality or redesigning aesthetics, Unite provides the tools to express your creativity and control. 

Unite 5 pro tools.png

Pro Tools. Unite 5 is crafted for Pro users seeking advanced control and customization. Along with enhanced under-the-hood tweaks, Unite 5 introduces cutting-edge web technologies and seamless access to the developer console. Embrace innovation and fine-tune your experience with tools designed to empower your workflow.

auto refresh unite 5.png

Auto Refresh. Unite 5 enhances your browsing with a native auto-refresh function, allowing automatic site refreshes within your app at chosen intervals. Pair it with Dock Slices or other features for a streamlined experience, keeping your content up to date effortlessly. 


Built for macOS 14 and Apple Silicon. Unite 5 is meticulously crafted to harness the full power of macOS 14 and Apple Silicon, delivering a browsing experience that's both fluid and lightning-fast. And with continued support for Intel processors and macOS 12 and greater, Unite ensures a seamless experience across a diverse range of Mac devices. 


Bringing privacy back to the web

Unite brings superior privacy protection than traditional web browsers by never utilizing your browsing data for any purpose, maintaining the sanctity of your online activities. Moreover, each application is isolated, which further fortifies your privacy by preventing potential data leakage or cross-app intrusion.

It's not a close call...

Unite is the singular best way to create web apps on your Mac. Here's how we compare:


Unite 4 logo.png

Unite 5



Built for macOS 14 & Apple Silicon

Custom name, icon, and URL

Link forwarding

Full data isolation

Custom user scripts and styles

Custom bookmarks

Custom window types and appearence

Status bar apps and Dock Slices

Extended functionality and customization 

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"Unite for macOS is so much better than Sonoma Web Apps."

Users and critics love it

Unite is widely regarded as the best way to make web apps on the planet - no matter what you compare it to!

Still not convinced?


Coming early 2024

Unite for Teams

Distribute and customize web apps across your team


Unlimited users


Create unlimited apps, use forever


Customize Unite and app settings


User permissions


Priority customer support

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Unite 5 icon.png

Turn websites into Supercharged apps on your Mac

Supports macOS 12 and greater. Built for Sonoma. Optimized for Intel, Built for M1.
For use with all 5.x updates.

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Unite 5 icon.png

The Kings of SSB

Unite 5 and our Chrome-based Coherence tool each have their own unique set of features and benefits. Together, they create the ultimate web experience.

Get a discount when you upgrade

Users of Unite 4, Coherence X4, and Aerate can get at least 33% off Unite 5.

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