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One time purchase

Coherence X4 256.png

Create unlimited apps, use forever


Create as many apps as you'd like for personal use 

Bug fixes and updates

Bug fixes and improvements are included with your license when available.


Support when you need it


Have a problem with Coherence? Contact us and we'll do our best to help!

Optional paid upgrades

No subscriptions required. Use X4 forever, with optional future paid upgrades.

macOS 10.15 & greater | For use with 4.x releases | Built for Apple Silicon & Intel

Single Mac License

2 Mac License

Save 25%

5 Mac License

Save 33%

10 Mac License

Save 40%

Bulk license & Enterprise

More ways to get Coherence

Coherence X4 256.png
unite 4.png

Bundle with Unite

Unite allows you to turn any website into a heavily customizable, WebKit-based app. Save 20% when you bundle with Coherence. 

Setapp logo white.png

With Setapp, you can get Coherence and over 200 other great Mac and iOS apps from $9.99/m. Get 7 days free.


Upgrade from Coherence X

Users of Coherence 3.x can get up to 50% off when they upgrade to Coherence X4.

Unite 256.png

Loyalty pays

Users of other BZG apps like Unite and Aerate can get Coherence for up to 25% off.

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