Unite 3

Turn websites into apps on your Mac... and change the way you use your Mac forever


Creating your app

It all starts with the new Unite creation tool. Simply enter a name for your app, enter a URL, pick an icon, and launch your app.

In addition to using a custom icon, Unite can automatically grab the HQ site favicon for you.

Lastly, you can choose some additional settings for your Unite app: status bar mode, compact mode, and intelligent whitelisting.


A full browser in every app

Every Unite app is powered by the Unite browser, which uses WebKit 2 to enable support for virtually all web standards and plugins.

It also supports custom features tailored specifically for Unite, like shortcuts, whitelisting, customization, and more - all in an incredibly lightweight package.

What's new in Unite 3?

Unite 3 is the biggest update in the history of BZG, with hundreds of enhancements and improvements. Here's just some of the highlights:

Intelligent Whitelisting

It's whitelisting done right. Unite 3's Intelligent Whitelisting figures out which URLs to allow in your app and which to bounce to your default browser, without you having to do a thing. It even ignores redirects that would typically bounce.

Ad Blocking

Unite now features full ad-blocking capabilities, allowing you to easily block ads within individually created Unite apps.

Compact Apps

A new mode that allows you to create mobile versions of Unite apps that behave like phone apps on your desktop. They can easily be used alongside larger workspaces and in the status bar.



Unite 3 includes a completely rebuilt downloading system, the allows you to download virtually all file formats from any website.

New customization options

Unite 3 expands on the customizability options in Unite 2, including automatic detection of a sites primary color and the ability to completely hide the window bar.

macOS 10.15 Catalina optimized

Unite 3 has been built with complete optimization for macOS Catalina, as well as support for macOS 10.12 and later.

An all new creation tool and design

Unite 3 includes a completely redesigned creation tool and browser, with dozens of fixes, tweaks, and enhancements.


A highly requested feature: Unite now supports find-in-page functionality. Simply push ⌘F.

Upgrade your apps

When you purchase Unite 3, your apps from Unite 1 and 2 will automatically upgrade to the Unite 3 backend.


Status bar apps

Unite allows you to turn any website into a full functional and always accessible app in your status bar.


Customize your app

Unite includes a series of powerful customizations tools that allow you to enhance the appearance of your Unite applications.

Window Control

Choose to show or hide your app's window title bar and control buttons. Easily make them reappear with a hover.

Your App Name 

Title Control

Unite allows you to choose whether or not to show your app's window or icon in the window bar.

Color Control

Easily change the primary color of your app and window title bar. Unite 3 even auto-detects a site's primary color by default.


Unite supports unread badges on Gmail and Facebook Messenger. Let us know which sites you want to see added next!

User Scripts and Styles

Unite enables you to use many user scripts and styles within your created applications.

Coherence X & Unite 3

Coherence and Unite are the most powerful SSB tools available for macOS. We've made a guide to help you figure out which is best for.

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Unite 3 for macOS

Turn websites into native apps on your Mac

Supports macOS 10.13 and greater. Built for Catalina.

Every Unite 3 standard license can be activated on one machine. For use with all 3.x updates.

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