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Release Notes


December 4, 2017


- Initial Release


December 4, 2017


- Fixed trial mode

- Fixed update bug

- Various other bug fixes


December 6, 2017


- Fixed bug that would lock user in trial mode

- Various other bug fixes


December 17, 2017

- Clicking 'X' will now only close window, now quit application

- Clicking a Unite app's icon in the dock will return to app

- Various other bug fixes and improvements



December 27, 2017


- Fixed downloads function


January 22, 2018


- Fixed User Scripts and User Styles

- Unite apps now update alongside the main Unite application.

- Various other bug fixes


January 23, 2018


- Emergency bug fix for 1.0.5 update.


August 6, 2018


- Rewritten launcher with new image grabber and writing tool.

- Rewritten menu bar apps, fixed inverted icon

- App icons can now be changed via settings, custom icons should work without issue.

- Support for file uploads

- Improved engine

- Improved Shortcuts and User Scripts

- Windows will now remember their size and placement between sessions.

- macOS 10.14 Mojave Support

- Notarized


November 11, 2018


- Fixed a bug where Unite creation window would not size correctly and be unusable.


December 10, 2018


- Rewritten backend browser built on WebKit 2

- Improved downloading abilities

- Support for fullscreen video

- Support for printing

- Improved uploading and downloading support

- Redesigned tab bar

- Added progress indicator

- Added ability to show icon in title bar

- Added ability to toggle window name and icon

- Added ability to change title and tab bar color

- Windows will now remember size and position between launches 

- Command-W and close window command will now only close current tab as opposed to all open tabs.

- Unite will now remember hide toolbar if selected

- Menu options now say chosen name instead of 'DefaultApp'

- Added zoom support

- Improved creation backend

- Unite creation utility can now overwrite previously created apps

- Unite 1 apps will automatically update their backend to Unite 2. Future updates should support as well.

- Notifications and User scripts improvements

- Many bug fixes and smaller tweaks


December 17, 2018


- Focus on improvements to the bookmark functionality and bookmark bar

- Fixes for trial mode

- Various other bug fixes and tweaks.

April 15, 2019



- Setapp support

- All new design

- Added past ability to creation tool

- Added support for fully contextual Gmail notifications (other services planned for later in 2019)

- Overhauled upload and download functionalities, should now work far more consistently

- Made major changes to the windowing system to improve stability

- Added clear history

- Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Gmail downloads did not work properly.

  • Fixed a number of window related bugs that would cause the app to crash

  • Fixed distorted image status bar bug

  • Apps will now remember their size when switching between status bar and regular mode

  • Fixed a bug where using special caharecats in app name would break icons

  • Zoom should now remember between sessions

  • Other smaller fixes.



July 17, 2019


- Updated Chrome user agent

- Fixed a bug in which content opened in a new tab would not render correctly 

Fixed a bug in which content would keep playing if window is closed

- Fixed a bug in which premium video sites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime would not display video feed

- Added remove bookmark option

- Changed color of status bar resize slider to make more visible on white backgrounds

- Fixed a bug in which status bar apps would get stuck at max display size

- “Return to prior selected tab when current tab closes” now works as expected

- "Closing last browser window" feature now works as expected

- Various other bugs fixed and improvements

July 28, 2019



- Various bug fixes


September 27, 2019


- Support for macOS 10.15 Catalina

- Various bug fixes


November 6, 2019


- Fixed windows not remembering size and position

- Added badge support in macOS 10.15 Catalina

- Note that due to changes in macOS 10.15 Catalina, notifications are not supported for the time being and will likely not be in future 2.x releases. They should continue to work as usual in 10.14 and below.

- Various bug fixes


December 9, 2019


- Significant overhaul of whitelisting function

- Introduced Intelligent Whitelisting and ability to autowhitelist

- Fixed tab system and added new window management abilities

- Overhauled download system that should work for most sites and formats

- Auto-detect primary color of webpages for toolbar

- Hide window bar / peak control icons

- New creation tool with ability to launch app after creation

- Added compact apps and ability to load mobile versions of sites

- Preferences can now be accessed from status bar apps

- Switched from DevMate to Paddle for licensing

- Added ad blocking

- Added find in page function

- Dozens of other features, bug fixes, and improvements


January 5, 2020


- Intelligent whitelisting is now disabled by default

- Find function within apps can now search special characters

- Status bar apps set to open at launch should work now

- 'Icon must be square' rule has been removed

- Setapp support

- Various bug fixes

- A number of bug fixes, including:

- Fixed a graphical issue with the user interface
- Fixed status bar apps breaking between sessions
- Fixed an issue where random site assets would download on site load
- Fixed changing app icon in preferences
- Fixed an issue where tabs wouldn't restore between sessions


April 23, 2020


- Significant reliability improvements for user scripts and styles

- Improved ad blocking with added support for YouTube

- Added option to right-click links to open in new tab

- Fixed a bug that would break web interactivity when in find mode

- Bookmarks should be more reliable and appear as soon as added

- Other bug fixes


July 13, 2020