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Unite allows you to turn any website into a deeply customizable app on your Mac. Merge the modern web with your native macOS apps.



A full browser in every app

Every Unite app is powered by the Unite browser, which uses WebKit 2 to enable support for virtually all web standards and plugins.

It also supports custom features tailored specifically for Unite, like shortcuts, whitelisting, customization, and more - all in an incredibly lightweight package.

Create an app


The new Unite 4 creation tool is simultaneously the simplest and most powerful creation tool we've ever created. Enter a name for your app, pick a URL, and Unite will automatically grab you an icon.


Unite 4 puts a special emphasis on creating beautiful icons that will match the other amazing icons on your Mac. The new creation tool can instantly grab HD icons, and stylize them to match Catalina icons, Big Sur icons, and more.


Not only does Unite 4's beautiful new creation tool support dark mode, but created apps do as well! 


Easily enable status bar apps, compact apps, and intelligent whitelisting right from the creation tool. Hover on them for more info.


Use and Customize


Every app you create is powered by an isolated instance of the Unite 4 backend browser. Lightweight and powered by WebKit 2, it enables you to use the latest sites alongside an array of features to make any site more Mac like.




With a click of a button, your Unite apps can instantly change from being a standard macOS application to a status bar application that is available persistently.


Unite 4 features compact apps, which allow you to bring mobile web experiences to the desktop. Create lightweight, glanceable windows for videos, Twitter, or whatever else you need on your desktop. You can even make them float.



Unite includes a series of powerful customizations tools that allow you to enhance the appearance of your Unite applications.

Window Control

Choose to show or hide your app's window title bar and control buttons. Easily make them reappear with a hover.

Your App Name 

Title Control

Unite allows you to choose whether or not to show your app's window or icon in the window bar.

Color Control

Easily change the primary color of your app and window title bar. Unite even auto-detects a site's primary color by default.


Here's just a few of our favorite.


Create a Discord app that doesn't suck. Native, lightweight, and notifications. True for all Electron apps. 


Turn the Gmail website into a native experience with badges and notifications.


Create an isolated Figma application with multiple workspaces.


Create a compact Instagram app to bring the mobile experience to the desktop.


An Apple Music app that runs in the status bar and is lighter-weight than the native version.


A native app for Robinhood, perhaps in the status bar and with a dock slice showing portfolio value.

What's new in UNITE 4

Unite 4 is the biggest update in the history of BZG, including major new updates to the creation tool, the first redesign of the in app experience since Unite 1, and plenty of other new tricks and fixes.


Unite 4 includes the first major redesign to the in-app experience since the original Unite release. Quickly toggle the new toolbar to quickly manage tabs and access preferences. And, there's a beautiful new loading animation


Unite 4 is the first Unite release to support macOS's Keychain for password management. Easily log in to your Unite apps without having to type in your password each time. Your Unite keychain will sync across Unite apps as well. 


All your Unite 4 apps fully support web and HTML5 notifications. And, each notification will be attached to the respective app it was enabled in, allowing you to easily define which app it is originating from.  


Easily select any part of any window in your Unite apps and have it replace the dock icon. Easily view the weather, a stock price, and much more. And, you can continue to use your app while it is active.


Unite 4 is built with Pro users in mind. In addition to under the hood tweaks and improvements, Unite 4 adds highly requested support for Htaccess logins, basic auth, and access to the developer console.


Unite 4 adds a native auto-refresh function, that automatically refreshes the sites in your app at any given interval. Great in conjunction with Dock Slices.


New menu bar shortcuts have been added to the Unite 4 backend, including command click to open a new tab, as well as support for media keys.

Remember state

As always, your Unite apps always open to your primary URLs by default. But now, you can optionally set Unite apps to return where you left off last exit.

Dark mode

Not only do the elements within the Unite 4 browser support dark mode, but supported sites will automatically switch as well. You can even change the current mode despite your system settings.


Bookmarks have been dramatically improved in Unite 4, with added support for reordering and removing, as well as instant appearance.


Your Unite 1, 2, and 3 apps will all automatically update to Unite 4 after you create your first app, enabling you to get the latest features without recreation. 


Unite 4 brings support for macOS's native picture-in-picture function for videos on supported sites. 

Much, much more

These are just some of the dozens of enhancements, improvements, and fixes found in Unite 4. 

The best, even better

Unite 4 includes all of the major functions from previous Unite releases. With the improvements in Unite 4, many of them are even better.

Intelligent Whitelisting

Unite's Intelligent Whitelisting allows you to set URL rules for your app, bumping all non-compliant URLs to your default browser. What makes Unite Intelligent is that it can intelligently ignore redirects even when you haven't whitelisted them.

Ad Blocking

Unite features full ad-blocking capabilities, allowing you to easily block ads within individually created Unite apps.

Floating windows

You can set your Unite browsers as floating windows, causing your app to stay above anything below it even if it is not the active app.

User agents

Easily spoof your app as Chrome, Firefox, or as a mobile browser in order to use any website within your Unite apps.

App shortcuts

Set URL shortcuts to quickly visit any website within your app using any pre-defined keyword.

User scripts & styles

Unite has support for basic user scripts and styles, allowing you to customize your app's websites on load.

The best of macOS

Unite 4 has been built from the start natively for macOS 11 Big Sur, with complete support for macOS 10.14 and 10.15 as well.

Optimized for Intel, Built for M1.


Unite for Enterprise

Create distributable Unite apps for your website, or distribute third party sites as apps within your organization.

Deployable apps in hours 

Unite for Enterprise apps can be created in mere hours, and allow you to customize and use all of the features of a Unite app in a lightweight, native experience.

Unite for Enterprise apps are custom ordered and can usually be made in a matter of hours.

Create a native Mac app for your users

Using the Unite backend, you can create a native, powerful macOS app without additional development costs. You can even completely white label all the contents of the app, set whitelisting rules, enable notifications, and more.

Use other sites natively within your company

You can deploy third-party sites as native applications within your organization, including private servers and RAIDs. Easily create isolated, identifiable applications and improve productivity.

The Kings of SSB

Unite 4 is the leading SSB tool alongside our Chrome-based Coherence tool. Each offers it's own distinct features and advantages.

Coherence X

Starting at $19.99. Upgrade from $9.99.


App sizes:

~30-90 mb*

Chrome extensions & profiles

Bulk create & edit apps

Notifications, Mic + Cam

Available on Setapp


Starting at $19.99. Upgrade from $9.99.


App sizes:

~14 mb*

Native customization

Status bar + compact apps

Built-in ad blocking

Available on Setapp


UNITE 4 for macOS

Turn websites into native apps on your Mac

Supports macOS 10.14 and greater. Built for Big Sur. Optimized for Intel, Built for M1.

Every Unite 4 standard license can be activated on one machine. For use with all 4.x updates.

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