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Introducing Coherence Pro 2

Today, BZG is incredibly excited to unveil Coherence Pro 2, a major update to our flagship Coherence app and one of the largest updates in the history of BZG.

Coherence Pro 2 allows you to easily turn any website into a powerful application on your Mac. Using the redesigned creation tool, you can quickly create apps with the quick create feature, or use one of several new app modes to further enhance the capabilities of your apps.

Coherence Pro 2 is powered by Google Chrome, and is the world's only SSB tool with native support for extensions and profiles. In the new creation tool, Coherence can automatically import any extensions in your main Chrome instance into your created Coherence app, exponentially expanding the capabilities of your created applications.

In addition to a standard, native experience, Coherence Pro 2 introduces multi-tab apps for the first time. With the new feature, users can create a Coherence app that open multiple tabs on every launch. Create a workstation app with all the sites you need, or an email app with all your accounts isolated into one application. Early testers have loved this feature, and it dramatically changes what is possible with Coherence apps.

Coherence Pro 2 includes a number of other new features as well, including a much more reliable and rewritten backend, enhanced support for Chrome Canary, the ability to choose if your app is viewed as a browser by macOS, improved bulk creation functionalities, and much more.

Coherence Pro 2 is available today for $14.99 for a single user license. Users of Coherence Pro can upgrade to Coherence Pro for just $4.99, and users of select other BZG apps can get discounted upgrading pricing for a limited time. Family and Office licenses are also available for purchase.

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