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Unite 2.1 brings an all new design, new features and fixes, and the full Unite experience to Setapp

Today, BZG is incredibly excited to announce Unite 2.1, our first major Unite 2 update and our largest mid-cycle upgrade ever. In fact, Untie 2.1 is so big, we could have just as easily called it Unite 3 - but decided to bring this new experience over a half-year early.

The most obvious addition to Unite 2.1 is the all new design, which beautifully guides the user through the app creation process. This new design is the result of many days of collaboration and implementation, and is the first in a series of major design updates coming to BZG apps throughout 2019.

In addition, Unite 2.1 includes a number of new features, the first of which is fully native notifications for Gmail. In prior versions of Unite, Gmail notifications would simply alert users to new notifications, but would not display a preview of the information or contextual details. Now, with Unite 2.1, simply create a Gmail Unite app and watch as full native notifications begin to appear. Fully native notifications for other services are planned for later in 2019.

We've also dramatically improved downloading and uploading files in Unite, reworked the backend icon implementation process, and reworked the way windows behave to create a more streamlined and smooth experience. In addition to these new features, Unite 2.1 fixes a long list of bugs found in previous Unite builds.

The most notable addition in Unite 2.1, however, is that it is our first release on Setapp. With Setapp, users can pay a single monthly fee for unlimited access to the worlds greatest Mac apps. Beginning today, Unite is available on Setapp, and includes paid upgrades when you are subscribed. You can try Unite on Setapp for free for 7 days, no credit card required, after which it is available $9.99 a month.

Unite 2.1 is a free upgrade for users of Unite 2. Additionally, it remains available for purchase by new users at the standard Unite 2 pricing - $9.99 for a single user license, $49.99 for a family license, and $129.99 for an office license. Additionally, enterprise licenses and Unite apps are available through

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