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BZG Launches Unite 2

Today, we're ecstatic to launching Unite 2, the largest update in the history of BZG and a revolutionary step forward for SSB creation tools.

Unite 2 build atop the original Unite vision with a new backend that is completely rewritten using WebKit 2. This new backend allows support for the latest web technologies, standards, and security protocols. We also took the opportunity to add many things that were previously unavailable in the Unite 1 browser, including support for full screen video, zoom controls, a toggle-able progress indicator, print support, improved downloading abilities, and much more.

Maybe the most notable group of changes in Unite 2, however, is our new set of customization options. These tools allow you to customize your Unite apps at a level previously unavailable by any SSB creation tool. This includes the ability to select any color for your windows title and tab bar, show the icon of your app next to or in place of the window title, or hide them both. In practice, these features combined allow you to create truly native feeling apps quickly and easily.

In addition, we've added over a hundred smaller tweaks, additions, and fixes. These include improvements to user scripts, an improved creation tool (which, amongst other things, can now overwrite previously created apps), improvements to notifications (with support for additional services coming in Q1 2019), and Unite apps now remembering their size and position between sessions.

We've also worked hard to ensure Unite 1 apps will automatically update to the new backend without any need to recreate your apps when you upgrade.

Unite 2 is available now for $9.99 for a single license, $49.99 for a family license, and $129.99 for an office license, and supports macOS 10.12 or greater. Users of Unite 1 can upgrade for $3.99 for a limited time, while Coherence Pro users can get it for $5.99 and Coherence 6 users for $7.99. Additionally, enterprise consumers will now be able to purchase and distribute white-labeled Unite apps via a new service launching in January. For more info, contact


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