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BZG Launches Unite 1.1, Coherence 6, and Coherence Pro 1.0.1

Today, I am extraordinarily excited to unveil Unite 1.1, Coherence 6, and Coherence Pro 1.0.1. These releases are just the first in a series of major announcements we've been preparing for months, including a brand new app, that we hope to unveil throughout August.

Unite 1.1 is the biggest non .0 release we've ever done. Throughout the summer, we've been talking to users about what they want to see improved in Unite, and have implemented the most popular suggestions.

The update includes major changes to support macOS Mojave, which will launch to the public later this fall. This includes a completely rewritten creation tool, improved engine, and notarization.

Unite 1.1 also includes File Upload support for the first time. This means users can now easily transfer files within Unite apps with upload and download capabilities. We've also brought improvements to whitelisting and user scripts.

Menu bar apps have been significantly improved in Unite 1.1. Response time is far greater in our testing, and overall they behave faster than any previous Unite release.

Unite 1.1 is available today as a free update for all Unite license holders, and is available for purchase at the standard Unite rates. Additionally, we are excited to confirm we have begun the early planning stages for Unite 2, and hope to share more details in the coming months.

Coherence 6, the sixth major flagship Coherence release, is now out of beta and available for purchase.

Coherence 6 comes just days after the five year anniversary of the original Coherence release, and is the perfect realization of the original Coherence concept. All parts of Coherence 6 - the launcher, the chrome backend - work in perfect harmony, unlike any previous release. Coherence 6 also fully supports macOS Mojave.

Coherence 6 comes off the tail of our Coherence Pro release, which came out this past May. The Pro version takes the Coherence vision to another level, enabling advanced features such as extension and profile support, bulk app creation, Chrome Canary integration, and more.

Coherence 6 is available now starting at $4.99.

The first update to Coherence Pro since launching in May, Coherence Pro 1.0.1, is available now.

Coherence Pro 1.0.1 includes a number of under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes to make Coherence apps faster. Additionally, it includes full support for macOS Mojave, including notarization.

Coherence Pro 1.0.1 is a free update for all users of Coherence Pro. It can also be acquired at the standard Coherence Pro rates.

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