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Introducing Coherence Pro and Coherence 6 Beta

Today, we're very excited to introduce the next generation of Coherence: Coherence 6 and Coherence Pro.

Coherence Pro is the culmination of years of development and research, and truly takes Coherence apps to a new level.

From the offset, Coherence Pro includes a re-written Chrome base, allowing for apps to interact better with macOS as native applications, take up less space, and be more responsive overall. The new Chrome base also allows us, for the first time, to support other browsers in Coherence. At launch, Coherence Pro features support for Chrome Canary, allowing developers and early adopters to try the latest web features inside Coherence apps.

Coherence Pro allows users, for the very first time, to import extensions and profiles form their main Chrome instance into Coherence apps using the new Extension and Profile importer.

The Coherence tool itself includes a huge collection of new features to improve app creation and productivity. With the new "Quick Create" feature, users can easily make a Coherence app using the same settings from their previous app. Coherence Pro also supports bulk create, allowing users to generate multiple Coherence apps at one time with the same settings. Lastly, Tabbed Apps allow users to get a full browsing experience inside a Coherence app.

Coherence Pro launches May 15 for $9.99, with Family Licenses and Enterprise Licenses available at launch. Users of Coherence 5 will be offered a limited upgrade discount at just $3.99.

Coherence 6 Beta is our attempt to make a simple and perfect version of Coherence a reality. At launch, Coherence 6 Beta includes an all new interface, with helpful tool-tips and setup guides, and includes a new, rewritten Chrome backend that allows apps to interact amazingly with macOS, run faster, and take up less space.

Coherence 6 is launching in Public Beta tomorrow, April 19, 2018, for $4.99. Beta licenses entitle users to the full Coherence 6 app upon release this summer. Family licenses will be available at launch.

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