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Introducing Compress for macOS

BZG is very excited to introduce Compress, a new application for macOS that allows users to quickly and dramatically compress PNG and JPG files while preserving image quality.

In addition to these conversion features, Compress is able to convert PSD files to JPG files quickly, easily, and without ever having to open Photoshop. With these feature, Compress can become a vital utility for developers and web designers.

Furthermore, Compress can help consumers send more in email attachments, send information faster over the internet, and dramatically shrink the size of Mac screenshot libraries without having to lose anything.

Compress supports batch conversion of images and folders, as well as optional automatic removal of JPG metadata, light and dark modes, and much more.

Compress is the 5th BZG flagship Mac application, following Unite, which was introduced last November. It is the first project in what we are calling the BZG Photo Suite, which will be expanded throughout the year.

Compress will be available on February 20 for $9.99 from BZG. Additionally, Compress is the first BZG application since Browse to be available on the Mac App Store, where it is also available for pre-order now. BZG will offer a Compress Family License at launch for $41.99.

To sign-up for updates, an exclusive launch discount, and a chance at early access, check out our Product Hunt Ship page.

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