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BZG 2018

Today, I'm excited to announce a number of products and changes coming to BZG in 2018.

This year will be an important and evolutionary year in BZG's history. For starter's, we are introducing the first major change to our logo and corporate identity since our incorporation in 2012. The new BZG logo feature beautiful typography alongside a striking rounded rectangle. The mark will be found on all current and future products.

Additionally, we are making a number of announcements today to usher in this monumental year:

- We are unveiling our fifth flagship app, Compress, which will launch on February 20.

- Coherence 5.2.4 is available now featuring the new BZG corporate identity.

- Coherence for Windows 4.0.1, the first update for the application, is now available.

- Compress marks the first project in our 'BZG Photo Suite', which will continue to grow through the year and will be our flagship product.

- Browse 6 is now completely free and available on the Mac App Store. Browse 7 remains scheduled for later development.

- BZG is in early-development stages for its first flagship iOS app, which is planned for a 2018 release.

- Development has commenced on the next major Coherence update, with a slated Spring 2018 release.

We plan for 2018 to be the most monumental year in our history, planting a foundation for exponential success in the years to come. We thank you for your support and hope you enjoy what we've been working on.

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