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Introducing Coherence for Windows

Today, we're very excited to finally launch Coherence for Windows.

We began work on Coherence for Windows back in November. At the time, we had just settled down from the Coherence 4 launch, and were discussing what to do next. A number of ideas were floated around, but one that came up was a version of Coherence for Windows. We had considered the idea in the past, but had decided it was not feasible at the time. However, it looked as if this might be the time to do it, so we went for it.

While there were some road bumps on the way, Coherence for Windows is exactly what we envisioned from the onset. 'Coherence' on Windows. It includes the ability to turn websites into apps, as well as find Favicons, and our new Chrome integration we introduced in Coherence 5.

Coherence for Windows is available now, and supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, and sells for $3.99.

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