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Coherence X

Release Notes


May 15, 2018


- Initial Release


August 6, 2018


- Support for macOS Mojave

- Notarized

- Bug fixes


September 5, 2018


- Fixed Chrome 69 bug

- Interface tweaks

- Rewrote Chrome backend

- Bug fixes


January 21, 2019


- Fixed the unsupported command line flag error

- Various other bug fixes


June 6, 2019


- This update includes a critical fix for Chrome 75. All newly created apps on any version of Chrome should work with this update.

- If you have a previously created app on Chrome 74, you will need to use a tool we've created to update them. To use this tool, first upgrade to Chrome 75. Then, in the menu bar, go to Coherence Pro -> Chrome 75, and select your app.

-Various other small fixes and tweaks.


June 14, 2019


- Coherence Pro 1.1.3 fixes a bug with the Chrome 75 updater and creation tool that did not install a new framework correctly and resulted in it breaking once it had updated to a newer version of Chrome. This has been completely fixed in this version, and new versions of Chrome should not break. Apps built in Coherence 1.1.2 and broken apps should be rerun through the Chrome 75 Upgrader.


June 17, 2019


- Redesigned Icon
- Redesigned Creation tool
- Improved Chrome backend
- Improved quick create, bulk create, and tabbed app functions
- Improvements to importation of Extensions and Profiles
- Improved tabbed app mode
- Added ability to designate apps as browser
- Added multi-tabbed apps
- Added ability to autolaunch apps after creation
- Improved welcome menu
- Bug fixes

September 27, 2019



- Support for macOS 10.15 Catalina

- Various bug fixes


October 17, 2019


- Setapp Support

- Various bug fixes

December 17, 2019



- Switched from DevMate to Paddle and other frameworks for release build. DevMate users can update in app using 2.0.2

- Bug fixes

February 1, 2020



- This update includes a fix for a bug that caused Coherence apps to create 'ghost' processes that would not go away without a forced restart. If any of your apps were effected by this issue, use the updater tool found in the menu bar at Coherence Pro -> Updater and update any broken apps.

- Changed the behavior of currently opened Coherence apps to behave like other macOS apps.

- Various bug fixes.

March 22, 2020



- This update include some major backend changes we we're planning for a future major update but decided to push early for the sake of fixing some bugs. Be sure to use the updater tool in the menu bar to update your apps after installing 2.1.

- Fixed apps breaking when pinned to dock

- Tabbed apps will no longer duplicate tabs and will remember where you left off between sessions.

May 11, 2020



- Fix for Google 'insecure' login

- Fixed apps not behaving properly when executed while open

Use this link if your license begins with 'id':

May 12, 2020



Coherence X introduces a new era for both Coherence and SSB tools as a whole. Using a new backend, dramatically improved launcher, and a series of addition and fixes, Coherence X is the most powerful SSB tool ever created. Just some of the dozens of changes include:

- Support for the Brave browser: A privacy-centric fork of Chrome, now compatible with all Coherence apps

- Intelligent Whitelisting: Easily create rules for what URLs to allow in your apps and which to bump to your default browser

-  Edit and mange created apps: Using the new creation tool, you can now view, change settings, and manage created apps easily

- Share apps: You can now import and export Coherence app setups amongst licensed users

- Improved backend with smaller, faster apps

- Many bug fixes, and much, much more...

May 12, 2020



- Fixed app updater

- Fixed Resources error when not having Chrome installed

June 8, 2020



- New app updater tool that should not break nearly as easily in the future (hopefully never)

- Fixed an issue were Brave apps would break after a few days

- Added the ability to toggle Firefox user agent within the Coherence extension

- Added preference to completely disable the Coherence extension from being included in apps

- Fixed a bug where the Coherence creation tool would not reopen if window is closed

July 6, 2020



- A brand new app backend that should be remarkably more reliable

- Microphone and camera support on websites

- Choosy support as well as support for similar apps

- A number bug fixes

July 13, 2020



- Added back support for older versions of macOS (10.12 and greater)

- Various small bug fixes