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The browser has become the most popular tool in our lives...

Yet, it still behaves like it's 2003...

So, we're reinventing it:

The world's most popular OS

When web browsers first became ubiquitous in the 90's, the internet as a platform was largely an information database - a way to easily access data or directories.

In the early 2000's, search engines changed the way we used the web, and as smartphones entered the picture, the web has continuously evolved in function and capability.

Now, most of us work in the modern web - whether it be emailing our friends in Gmail, talking to coworkers on Slack, or designing projects in Figma - the web has become the world's most popular app platform, and the browser is the operating system most of us live our digital lives in.

Stymied by giants

Despite this dramatic change in the web dichotomy, modern web browsers still act like we live in the early 2000s. Search engine's have monopolized the world's most important OS as a means to improve their monopoly without focusing on the evolving needs of a browser in 2020.

That's where we come in. A modern browser should not only be a method to access services and information, but also actively help you browse and understand your workflow. It should also respect your data - not sell it or mine your compute power for cryptocurrency. It should also be rethought for modern devices (have you ever used a browser on a touchscreen device and enjoyed it to the extent of a desktop?)

Finally reimagined

We've been working throughout the last year on our take on the modern browser. It's jam-packed with revolutionary ideas for the modern web, and we can't wait to share it with you.

Browse X, the codename for our browser project (an homage to one of our first apps, Browse!), is coming later this year - but we need your help to make it happen. Please sign up below to be a part of the beta program which should start in the coming weeks, and follow and engage with us on Twitter to help get the word out.

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